• Kevin Gleaton shares a marketer’s opinion

  • Posted on January 16, 2021
  • Kevin C. Gleaton

    The need for communication strategies in business is growing consistently. Brands often go blindly into marketing or publicizing themselves, then only contact a professional communicator after they fail. Rather, they should begin with marketing and build an audience with an experienced staffer behind them.

    Professional marketer Kevin Gleaton believes that market and social research skills are the backbone of a marketer’s platform and, thus, the backbone of a good business. From analytical skills to monitoring cultural trends, keeping a finger on the pulse of what is happening leads directly into early tactics for brand and creative development. A good strategist like Gleaton can identify what’s culturally relevant, what isn’t and why those two things matter.

    Kevin C. Gleaton also believes that knowledge is true power in communication. Mining insights and peering into the smallest of areas without losing the big picture is vital in order to help transform a business and its messaging. This is one reason that marketing automation is so important and a large part of what Gleaton accomplishes for his clients. Also within Gleaton’s strategies are brand marketing endeavors, digital marketing, public relations, coaching and social media. All of these together can allow a business to thrive; they just have to be implemented early and consistently utilized by clients.

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